Application process

Maritime Professionals strives for a professional and smooth application procedure. Below are the steps we take.

1. First interview*

In the first meeting, we explain what the job entails and what the person we are looking for needs to fulfil. We discuss your profile and find out what your talents and interests are and where your passion lies. In this way, we discuss everything necessary to explore whether there might be a match.

2. Secound interview

In the second interview, we will probably talk about potential companies and explain more on the position and you as a person. Here we can also explore whether there is a match between you and the company. Does the company culture suit you, for example, is an important topic of conversation here.

3. Tests & assessments

Some clients like to take a few more tests to see if your character traits are a good match for the job and the company. You can expect us to support and possibly guide you.

4. Working conditions discussion

If we really have a match, we organise a final discussion about the primary and secondary employment conditions.

*Prepare for your interview with this handy film