Time flies, we celebrate our 1st year! We celebrate our anniversary with Maritime Professionals and find it a moment to reflect. What a beautiful, hectic, entrepreneurial and groundbreaking first year it has been.

The preparation

During the launch of Maritime Professionals with its new website, NBBU membership and NEN 4401 in combination with the Stichting Normering Arbeid certifications. From day one there was a stable, complient and structured organization. Equipped to accelerate.

Warm welcome

At the launch of this division of the MP GROUP, we received a warm welcome from market participants. Unexpectedly, in the first 3 months, at the request of our relations, we drove across the country twice a week to catch up on personnel capacity solutions. While there, we received the necessary requests to mediate for staff. More than we had expected and forecast in our strategic set-up and business plans. Thanks for the trust!

The results

In the first year, Maritime Professionals achieved more than 20 mediations. This in the form of deta-permanent, project capacity, and/or recruitment & selection. The positions our consultations was successful are o.a.:

  • Project Manager
  • Manager Engineering
  • Project Manager Engineering
  • Technical Project Manager (owners representation)
  • Area Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Naval Architect
  • E-integration specialist, basic and detail design
  • AV/IT - NAVCOM specialist, basic and detail design
  • Structural engineer / draftsman Naval architect, basic and detail design
  • Mechanical engineer, basic and detail design


Started with a business plan and a great course to build a company, which connected the experience, enthusiasm and networks of all involved. With a course on looking forward and we started, exactly two weeks after a geo political conflict, which had a great impact on Europe, but also on services in the Maritime sector.


With the shifting of energy providers, the topic of phasing out fossil energy also became hugely topical again. With our H2 division, this brought another opportunity to develop further in the "green and sustainable propulsion technology" segment. The theme of "Engineering sustainable solutions", which is also a high priority for our Marimecs division, which has also been part of the MP Group for a year. Together we offer a unique combination of services to shipyards, designers, engineers and owners in the maritime industry!


Are you also looking for a new job or a challenging project? Or do you have a capacity issue within your organisation? Interested in the possibilities at Maritime Professionals? Please take a look at our website and vacancy page. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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