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You will work on many different superyacht projects. One relationship has ambitious, integral and challenging projects around detailing, drawing, making and fitting luxury interiors. Ranging from the large and complex new construction projects to smaller redesigns and refits of existing yachts. You enjoy working with others on the dreams of our clients and are able to make connections between the various disciplines and phases within interior construction in a project.

At our relation they work with 2D and 3D drawing suits and you take care of drawing work for different phases within the interior domain: from detailing drawings, to specification and production drawings. In collaboration with your colleagues under the direction of the Project Engineer, you ensure that an integral product is created. It is also your job to timely identify deviations from the schedule. In addition, you contribute to the improvement of standards and drawing agreements. You report to the Manager Engineering and work closely with Project Engineers.


We are looking for a senior draftsman with extensive knowledge and experience of 2D and/or 3D drawing software. You consider quality of paramount importance. You work carefully and know how to manage your work portfolio independently. You make clear agreements with the Project Engineer. You have acquired a position as an expert in your field and are technically strong. The ideal candidate is a draughtsman with >5 years relevant work experience and BSc. working and thinking level, preferably in the field of furniture and (ship) interior design. You have a strong interest in and bond with the luxury interior building industry. You have good knowledge of wood and sheet material and the ability to work out furniture constructively.


With its knowledge and craftsmanship in the various departments, they work on very high quality products using the finest materials. They do this by ensuring that they always have a mix of work in their portfolio from crew interiors and luxury interiors. The right focus on quality and choosing strategic partners make them the reliable party for their customers. But above all they rely on craftsmanship; with a lot of seniority, but also always with young recruits in their ranks.

With the most modern 3D CNC milling machines and the draftsmen use the 3D drawing program Siemens NX. They work with the finest materials and best quality woods on fully custom designed furniture. With a lot of seniority but also the new generation of furniture makers / yacht interior builders, craftsmanship within furniture making is still the basis.

So a job with a lot of responsibility and varied work every day. We offer you a full-time job with a good salary, depending on your knowledge and experience. We also offer room for personal development and all this comes with appropriate primary and secondary benefits.

Company profile

In 1873, our relation began the production and sale of braided rugs and mats. The small store in Rotterdam grew into the largest interior and furniture department store in the Netherlands and a leading name in interior design, production and project execution.

Over the years, they created acclaimed interiors for hotels, theaters, offices, churches and universities. Around 1971, they became so world famous for the interiors of royal palaces, trains and airplanes and ships. Since 1978 she has been delivering a major contributor to many custom-built superyachts.

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