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Job description

This position is challenging, diverse and therefore more than just planning service work. In this role, you will organize, supervise and direct service projects from start to finish. These projects require a lot of attention because there are various stakeholders and generally the job must be performed and completed under a great deal of time pressure. This is because they are usually short, fast-paced and sometimes cannot be planned in advance. The urgency is often high and saying "no" is something we prefer not to do.

Your clients are the captain, the chief engineer or an international service yard. Service work is scheduled both proactively and by the client. You therefore maintain active contact with the various clients, but also seek advice from your project team colleagues. You regularly travel abroad to take on service assignments or to coordinate how the customer can be best served.

The service assignments you coordinate are carried out on the Yacht Equipment delivered and installed by us on the super yachts. The yacht equipment is almost always customized. No yacht, and therefore no product is the same. As an indication, a service assignment can consist of sending a part up to providing new hinges and locks to all doors and hatches on the yacht.

Your duties:

  • Make quotations and pre-calculations for the maintenance and repair work, spare parts and materials to be delivered;
  • Coordinate the work of the mechanics in cooperation with your direct colleagues, supervisor, Head of Production and project team;
  • Arrange the materials necessary for an assignment and ensure that they reach the site;
  • Take care of the proper travel documents;
  • You arrange the shipment of spare parts;
  • Reporting and costing in order to achieve correct financial settlement;
  • Handle and assess warranty reports in consultation with relevant departments, such as project management and engineering. 

The Yacht Services department consists of 6 coordinators. You report to the Manager Yacht Services.


You are someone with good project management skills and mechanical engineering experience, so keeping an overview and monitoring is your quality. Colleagues enjoy working with you and the customer knows that the job is in good hands. In addition, you recognize yourself as someone who is happy with multi-tasking, can cope well with work pressure and is a pleasant colleague. You like independence, but know how to choose and determine the moments when consultation and adjustments are necessary. That is why we are looking for an excellent communicator (in both Dutch and English), because that is how you make the difference.


A job with a lot of responsibility, varied work every day and a international outlook. We offer you a full-time job with a good salary, depending on your knowledge and experience. We also offer room for personal development and all this comes with appropriate primary and secondary benefits such as:

  • A full-time job (40 hours per week) in an inspiring superyacht work environment;
  • Market-based salary;
  • Good travel reimbursement without mileage limitation;
  • Pension scheme;.

Company profile

Our Leiden-based client designs, builds and installs innovative, high-tech yacht equipment and propeller shaft installations for luxury yachts.

Founded in 1870 and part of Royal De Vries Group since 1986, AYE has a long history in shipbuilding from cargo ships to yachts. With all this experience, they can call themselves the specialist in the field of Yacht Equipment and are therefore a dedicated partner of the Royal De Vries Shipbuilding Group and Royal Van Lent Shipyard in particular.

For and with these renowned yacht builders, this relationship designs and builds hatches, doors, cranes, platforms, gangways and boarding ladders. The installers ensure that each item is seamlessly integrated into the hull or deck of the yacht.

They employ trained craftsmen with state-of-the-art 3D engineering. They do this in an advanced production environment; in Leiden and in ports around the world. They work on location on refits, inspections and repairs on luxury yachts.

They deliver quality and craftsmanship in a number of disciplines: 3D engineering, production aluminum and welding machining, aluminum pre-fabrication composites assembly and pre-outfitting and onboard installation. Also in the field of service & refits.

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