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Job description

As project leader in the Mechanical Production department, you are the central point of contact for all installations, piping, engine room and sanitary facilities on board during the construction of the yacht. From the moment that engineering has established the specifications, you are responsible for leading the project for the discipline Mechanical.

You coordinate the project requirements, deadlines and schedules and agree these with your interdisciplinary team members of hull, interior and exterior. You oversee the entire project, closely monitor the planning, budget and guarantee progress. In addition, you prepare status reports, project communication plans and you advise on these. In addition, you manage the project team and coordinate the preparation for production, such as checking drawings, signing off on board, scheduling work and ensuring the internal availability of materials. Finally, you take account of project risks, set guidelines and quality requirements. You will evaluate the projects as they progress and make adjustments where necessary.


You have experience in the ship or yacht building industry with a broad knowledge of mechanical engineering and shipbuilding. In addition, you are not afraid of the necessary complex technological challenges. Working together towards an integral solution in a multidisciplinary environment. You are also flexible and stress-resistant and your problem-solving abilities are great.

You can switch effortlessly between details and the big picture. You have a strong analytical and self-managing capacity and are decisive. As a team player, you have good communication and social skills, with coaching qualities. In addition, you have a strong character. We also ask:

Education and experience:

  • A higher professional education (HBO) degree in mechanical engineering complemented by 4 years of relevant work experience.
  • Experience in leading mechanical engineering projects.
  • Knowledge and skills in project management, planning and control.
  • Experience with the application of ERP systems.
  • Good command of the Dutch and English languages, orally and in writing.
  • Experience in yacht building or shipbuilding is an advantage.


What is unique is that every yacht is completely built at the shipyard. The production halls are right next to your workplace, so you can see up close how your ideas become reality. You work in a close team with colleagues who are just as driven as you are. It is an international, dynamic department with a great diversity of cultures. The communication is direct, the atmosphere open and informal.

A job with responsibility, collegiality and appreciation. We will give you every opportunity to develop yourself and bring out the best in you. Furthermore, you can expect the following:

  • A market-conforming salary;
  • Good travel allowance without kilometer restriction;
  • Pension plan;
  • 25 holiday days and 13 (fixed) days off in case of fulltime employment.

Company profile

No design is the same and no yacht is the same at our client. In the segment of luxury super yachts, they are known for their many applications of the aluminium hull. They build custom and semi-custom yachts up to 80 metres. The combination of engineering and production in one place means that you remain involved in the entire building process. From hull to completion.

The Mechanical production department is responsible for the pipework, the installations, the sanitary facilities and the layout of the engine room. Together with Shipbuilding production, Interior production and Exterior production, this department takes care of the actual finishing of the yacht.  You will remain involved in the construction process from the laying of the keel up to and including the sea trial. Typical of this department is the freedom and space to work within the framework. You work in a close-knit team with colleagues who are just as driven as you are. Communication is direct and the atmosphere is open and informal.

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