Maritime Professionals was inspected on Monday 24 October by Stichting Normering Arbeid - SNA (Labour Standards Register) based on NEN 4400-1. The result of the audit was known the same day, we were positively assessed. This means Maritime Professionals is now entered in the register of the Labour Standards Foundation and has achieved NEN 400-1 certification.

NBBU membership

Since Maritime Professionals was founded, we have been affiliated with The Dutch Association of Intermediary and Temporary Employment Agencies the NBBU. With this we offer certainty, quality and consistency to professionals and our relations towards our intermediary services in a sound and professional manner.

The NBBU provides Maritime Professionals input on (flexible) labour market issues, helps shape innovations in the intermediate industry, represents, facilitates and advises, guarantees quality and strengthens our entrepreneurship.

What is NEN

NEN is the abbreviation of NEderlandse (Dutch) Norm and also, since 8 May 2000, the name of the close partnership of the Royal Dutch Standards Institute and the Royal Dutch Electrotechnical Committee (NEC) Foundation (specialising in the standardisation of electrical engineering, information technology and telecommunications).

As a member of the NBBU, we should and want to comply with the correct application of the NBBU collective labour agreement and the SNA hallmark is the standard of the Stichting Normering Arbeid (SNA) and based on the Dutch national standards NEN 4400-1 and NEN 4400-2. This quality mark lays down financial and administrative criteria that an intermediary must meet. This has been tested by the audit and with that the NEN 400-1 certification has been achieved.

What is the SNA quality mark?

The by Stichting Normering Arbeid - SNA (Labour Standards Regsiter) quality mark was created to limit the risks regarding chain and hirer liability. Maritime Professionals is now SNA certified, showing that we are a reliable business partner. Achieving NEN 400-1 certification means working structurally and anticipating the latest legislation to work compliantly for our relations.

Next steps

After awarding the quality mark, Maritime Professionals will be periodically audited on our personnel administration, payroll administration, financial administration and sector-specific collective labour agreement compliance in order to maintain the SNA quality mark. A solid partner in capacity issues.

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