Hello! My name is Laura, Office Manager at MP Group. I would like to introduce myself to you.

When I started my career, shipbuilding did not seem an obvious sector for me, as I graduated as a teacher of fine arts and education. Over ten years ago, I ended up in shipbuilding via via-via as a receptionist and I liked it so much that I stayed in the sector. Partly thanks to my current employer Erik van Prooijen (my supervisor at the time), I grew to Office Manager and I still hold that position.

During that period, I developed a love for the maritime world. It is great to experience the construction of a ship from the beginning and to work together towards the climax; the moment a project is delivered. That teamwork really appeals to me. The last three months have been extra special, though. On 1 March last, we added an international recruitment branch, Maritime Professionals. On the same day, we joined forces with Marimecs, an engineering consultancy in Steenwijk. Great organisations, with whom I have worked a lot since then. Besides, there is never a dull moment in shipbuilding.

Since 2020, I, Laura have been working as Office Manager at MP Group and deal with the ins and outs of all office matters within this organisation, which is why no day is the same. For Maritime Professionals, in addition to office matters, I get to provide general support in the onboarding of professionals who are about to start working for our internal and external clients. This often starts upon receipt of the signed contract after which I record the formalities around it internally. You can think about welcoming the professional and arranging facility matters.

In the final months, I also offer our new international colleagues support in finding a house. Finding a suitable home is a nice challenge in the current housing market. It involves contacting estate agents, scheduling viewings and, above all, being the (Dutch-speaking) contact for all parties. In the end, we always succeed together in finding a home for our expats.

Because of this growth, my colleagues are spread all over the country, but nevertheless MP Group really feels like a close-knit team that works intensively together to deliver beautiful projects. I feel at home in this and hope to contribute to many more projects.

Would you like to know more about this fun company and are you open to a new challenge within our team? Please take a look at our website and vacancy page. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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