Mid-April, Jeroen started on a project secondment basis at a leading super yacht builder. This as Technical Project Manager in a the outfit phase of one of Holland's largest super yachts. After several months Jeroen has been working there, we interviewed him about his experiences with our mediation.

The background of...

"My name is Jeroen, 41 years. After a short career as a maritime officer, I worked in oil and gas for three years before entering shipbuilding. Due to my years of experience in ship and yacht building, I am now a technical project manager at a large Dutch yacht builder responsible for all technical aspects within the project (a super yacht)."

The first contact / acquaintance

How did the contact come about? And how did your career ambitions come to be offered?

"The contact was set through a relation in our mutual network and based on the need from Maritime Professionals to provide a Technical Project Manager for a project. This was a perfect fit for both myself all involved. After discussing my ambitions with Maritime Professionals, they quickly moved on."

Selection process

How did the process go from connection, interviews and ultimately the confirmation of the project?

"This went very fast. Everything within a week from initial contact to the interview at the client, a leading super yacht builder. There was immediately a good feeling about the offered assignment. Here it also helps that you meet former colleagues."


After the successful interviews, you were welcomed to the client / the project was confirmed. Could you tell something about that?

"On the first day of work I joined the project organization right away and was given the first few weeks to slink into the project. Eventually it turned out that this went very well and I am now a full member of the project team."

Our collaboration

What would you like/could you tell others about working with us.

"I experience the cooperation with Maritime Professionals as pleasant, approachable and enough space for personal input. Whether this is for a single assignment or a long-term collaboration that is something the future will tell."

Ready for the next step?

Are you also looking for a new job or a challenging project and interested in the possibilities at Maritime Professionals or Marimecs? Check our vacancy page and feel free to contact us.


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