Embarking on an exciting venture, Anne will join as a Senior Surveyor on a project-based secondment for a renowned global shipbuilder. His task? To supervise the construction of two ships in China.


Anne has been affiliated with Maritime Professionals for some time and is a permanent employee. From this employment, we, together with Anne, explore projects in the maritime sector. This is also the case now. When Anne's project was completed, we extensively discussed his ambitions for the next project.

Who is Anne?

After working for Lloyds Register for nearly ten years, including as a Senior Surveyor and Project Manager, during which Anne  lived and worked in China, he gained extensive experience. He supervised the newbuild of RoRo vessels and managed multiple bulk carrier projects for Lloyds Register. Afterward, he utilized his knowledge as a New-build Superintendent at Royal Caribbean Cruises.

The power of commercial vessels

Anne discovered that his passion lies in large-scale commercial shipbuilding projects. When this new project came his way, which is partly carried out in China, it was the perfect match.

"Despite the fact that we produce beautiful super yachts in the Netherlands, for which we can be proud, the culture in the yacht-building industry is different from that in the international commercial shipbuilding. Due to my 'China experience,' I missed the international character in my work in this role. Returning to the international commercial shipbuilding was  desired." To properly supervise his projects, Anne also travels multiple times to the shipyard in China. "That suits me really well. Traveling, following and overseeing the construction, communicating with China, and dealing with a different culture are all things I find wonderful to do," adds Maritime Professional Anne.

"I understood that this client was planning to build two ships in China, in the region where I had previously lived and worked, which is very exciting. I was immediately enthusiastic about this project; building specialized ships in China, being involved with the shipyard from the contract phase, and having the Concept design still made in the Netherlands, that is truly unique and very interesting. After intensive communication together with Maritime Professionals to see what we could do for this client and this project, things quickly started to take off."

The collaboration with Maritime Professionals

Anne is happy to share why he chose to work with us. "The decision to work for Maritime Professionals was logical for me. Their network in the maritime industry is extensive, which opens up many new and challenging projects. My first assignment for Maritime Professionals was with a superyacht builder in the Randstad. There, I was responsible for ensuring the quality of the hulls under construction. It was fascinating to bridge the gap between the practical aspects of the work floor and theoretical matters, such as engineering and classification requirements.

The collaboration is very pleasant for me, firstly for my work with my current client, but also when another, more challenging opportunity presented itself, I was supported in pursuing this great chance. The expectation that the network of Maritime Professionals would offer opportunities has certainly come true for me. What I find very enjoyable is that I always receive good support. For complex matters, there is a wealth of experience available within the people at Maritime Professionals. There is always someone who can help or provide advice. A message in the group chat is often enough to receive a few enlightening responses that you can continue with."

Ready for the next step?

Are you also looking for a new job or a challenging project and interested in the possibilities at Maritime Professionals or Marimecs? Check our vacancy page and feel free to contact us.

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