As of the end of October 2022, Frank Slootweg has joined the team of Marimecs Marine Design & Engineering in Steenwijk. Frank has joined this division of the MP Group as Construction Engineer Yacht- and Shipbuilding. Ahoy Frank!

First contacts

Frank Slootweg had been in contact with Maritime Professionals since mid-October. The first conversation was an orientation on Frank's ambitions and how to translated the drivers into a possible next step in his career.

After a career with Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects, among others, he was looking for an organization close to his hometown and make a substantive contribution to his qualities. Since Marimecs is a stone's throw from his hometown. That was the first opportunity deployed.


After introducing Frank, he was invited for face-to-face interview with the Operations Manager Hero the same week. This conversation covered Frank's ambitions, his technical knowledge and the vacancy at Marimecs.

This was followed by a second interview during which Frank was able to spend an afternoon on the shop floor. This was to get a better idea of the team in Steenwijk but also to gain insight into the processes and systems within the Engineering environment at Marimecs.

The follow-up

On the same day and following the second interview, both Frank and Marimecs decided to go for it. The same week, Frank started as an Engineer Yacht and Shipbuilding. Ahoy Frank!

Frank introduces himself

"I was born between the rivers and canals in Dordecht. As a child I was always busy with boats, building them myself and then letting them sail. Nevertheless, it took quite a long time before I ended up in shipbuilding, first as a work planner, then as a draughtsman, before growing to draftsman structural engineer.

But it didn't stop there, about ten years ago I took a post-graduate course in shipbuilding, which gave me even more insight and opportunities in my work. Most of the software I use, such as Autocad, Shipconstructor and Multisurf, I learned by trial and error / learn most by just doing it. I love my work and partly because of my practical experience, I am versatile.

I adapt easily to a new working environment and love a challenge. Giving up is not an option for me, if I start something I finish it. Outside my work, I am also creative, designing small yachts myself, as well as houses and furniture, which I also prefer to make myself. Even my clothes and jewelry I design and make myself. I recently started working at Marimecs now and I like it very much."

Possibilities at Maritime Professionals

Are you also looking for a new job or a challenging project? Or do you have a capacity issue within your organisation? Interested in the possibilities at Maritime Professionals?

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