We warmly welcome Ante and Nenad to the Maritime Professionals Team! Their expert services will be provided to our relation who is active in the field of electrical outsourcing solutions for ship- and yacht building projects.

Ante and Nenad joined us in April for a project based assignment. The project involves technical system architecture and integration of the electrical side of systems and installations of new propulsion technology.

The request

In March Maritime Professionals received a urgent request. Could we provide high-end consultancy professionals, with a skillset in electrical technical system architecture- and integration of new technology in shipbuilding.

Our client is involved in a project that is still in the design phase, this in ground-breaking new technology for ship propulsion. The next step is to take the electrical integration on project from engineering, to production, execution and commissioning. Further expert attention must be paid to planning, budgeting and timely execution of the scope, which includes coordination of Class Authorities and subcontractors.

The connection

Accessing our extensive, worldwide network of professionals in all fields of ship / yacht building, we started a conversation with Ante, a specialist / consultant in this complex field of electrical integration. The first contact was based on sessions to understand the scope of the project from a technical point of view. Safely under an NDA with our client, we were able to provide a fully informative briefing to Ante, enabling him to make an informed decision on joining the project.

Ante found the project to be an intriguing challenge, well prepared and fully briefed, he was able to enter the conversation with a clear view of the expectations. The client was very happy with the professional introduction, and a match was quickly made!

Next steps

Maritime Professionals assisted in every step of the introduction and integration of Ante within the Client’s existing team. Due to the complex technical scope, immediate expansion of the team was required. Ante, now as lead in the project, and Maritime Professionals once more accessed the network. Identifying Nenad as a trusted colleague, we were able to form a Dream Team to provide a full service to the Client.


Within 3 weeks Maritime Professionals was able to provide full commitment to Ante and Nenad and assist them and the Client in a running start to their project.

Based in Croatia, Ante and Nenad are both able to work from their home base, travelling to the Shipyards or meetings with regulatory authorities when required. A true example of post-Covid adaptation to remote working, made possible through intensive support network available to all of our Maritime Professionals, throughout the world. We are constantly moving forwards and are ready for the new standard of remote and flexible working.


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