Michal has joined us this week within the team at Marimecs Marine Design and Engineering, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of mechanical engineering and outfitting for ship- and yacht building projects. We warmly welcome Michal to the Maritime Professionals Team!

Worldwide network

Maritime Professionals has spent years building a worldwide network of professionals in all fields of ship / yacht building who are looking for, or open to, new opportunities within yacht and ship building. Our relationship with Michal goes back several years, and we have always kept him updated with information on potential projects and opportunities within the Dutch market.

In April Michal contacted us as his current project was coming to an end. Could Maritime Projects assist with finding a new challenge?

The procedure

Maritime Professionals set up an meeting to catch up with Michel. Discussing his ambitions, most recent work experience and current family situation. As a follow up, a second interview took place with the systems specialist at Marimecs Marime Design & Engineering to go in-depth on his technical skill-set and provide Michal information on the dynamic working environment at Marimecs.

Both of these interviews ended very positively for both parties, we went ahead and arranged a final interview with a project leader and the Engineering Manager. During this meeting we looked at the current scope of projects within the Marimecs portfolio, and the most efficient way to integrate Michal into the team. A new adventure for Michal was on the horizon.

The offer

We offered Michal an project based contract. Which explicitly takes into account that Michal's family still lives in Poland. With a view to work/life balance and family time, additional arrangements have been made that work for both parties.

Again a true example of post-Covid adaptation to remote working, made possible through intensive support network available to all of our Maritime Professionals, throughout the world. We are constantly moving forwards and are ready for the new standard of remote and flexible working.


The project started in June and Michal started this week in Steenwijk. With his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, extensive experience and his practical hands-on attitude, Michal will be taking on multiple projects as Marimecs' portfolio is growing rapidly. A new adventure for Michal.


Are you also looking for a new job or a challenging project and interested in the possibilities at Maritime Professionals? Check our vacancy page vacaturepagina and feel free to contact us.

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