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Job description

Under your direction, Projects Leads, Engineers and other specialists translate customer requirements into a manufacturable design. These are then built by our own production departments and various co-makers. During the entire process, you monitor and control the engineering project planning, progress, budget, quality, efficiency and safety and make adjustments where necessary.

  • Working closely with the other members of the project team and ensuring connections, interfaces and interactions with all other parts of the project and the overall project portfolio within the yard.
  • Provide operational leadership to the multidisciplinary engineering (project) team to improve productivity and revenues.
  • You ensure delivery of the complex engineering issues within set quality standards, customer values and within planning and budget, while setting the right priorities.
  • The coordination with-and control agreements between-all parties involved: Sister companies, Naval Architect firm, Subcontractors and Co-makers;
  • Your ultimate responsibility includes: engineering project progress control, project content, providing clear specifications and preconditions for construction, outsourcing and/or further detailed engineering.
  • A clear and correct transfer to other Phase Managers (Outfittings Managers and Case Managers)


You have at least hbo/wo working and thinking level and a completed education within Shipbuilding. You have industry and management experience within the ship or yacht building industry and have experience with design and engineering processes. You have an excellent command of both the English and Dutch languages. You are used to working on large projects with corresponding budgets. Delivering a project on time, on budget and to high quality standards gives you energy.

  • You like to act as a sparring partner for the project manager of the construction site;
  • You like to analyse the needs in the process in order to meet the client's expectations.
  • You are able to proactively generate actions that lead to project improvement
  • You have natural leadership and powers of persuasion, enabling you to convince not only your immediate project team colleagues but also the rest of the organisation, subcontractors and co-makers;


A job with a lot of responsibility and varied work, every day. We offer you a full-time job with a good salary, depending on your knowledge and experience. We also offer room for personal development and all this comes with appropriate primary and secondary benefits.

Company profile

Our client has a rich history. Back in 1849, the first steps were taken that led to the current organisation. They have a total of three dock halls and two slipways at various locations, where three to four superyachts are completed each year. Depending on customer requirements, the yachts can range in size from 70 to 120 metres. In peak periods, a total of some 850 professionals work side by side on the yachts. These are partly permanent employees, partly trusted co-makers and temporary workers. 

As Project Manager Engineering, you will work in the Project Management department and report to the Project Manager. Under your leadership, Project Leads, Engineers and other specialists translate the client's wishes into a feasible design.

During the entire process, you monitor and control the engineering project planning, progress, budget, quality, efficiency and safety and make adjustments where necessary. In doing so, you take into account regulations, quality requirements and the yard's standards.

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